Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hawthorn - Monograph

Common Name – Hawthorn

Botanical Name – Crataegus

Parts Used – fruits, flowers and leaves

Active Constituents – tannins, flavonoids, oligomeric proathocyanidins (OPCs), flavone-C, triterpene acids and phenolic acids.

So what is Hawthorn good for?

Therapeutic properties of Hawthorn - antispasmodic, cardiac, sedative, vasodilator.

Hawthorn is a good herb for all problems related to the heart. It could be used for both high and low blood pressure. Hawthorn may be helpful to people who have high cholesterol. Hawthorn is also good for nervousness and sleeplessness.


Standardized herbal extract of hawthorn should be taken in amounts of 80-300 mg two or three times a day.

Hawthorn tinctures should be administered at a dosage of 100 drops two times a day.

How do you make tea from hawthorn fruits?

Boil two tea spoons of dry fruit in one and a half cups of water for five minute. The tea should be drunk twice a day.


No interactions with drugs are known. Hawthorn is considered to be safe even for pregnant and lactating women.

Clinical trial shows Hawthorn to be beneficial in the treatment of chronic heart failure.




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