Sunday, June 19, 2011

How to Treat Nausea using Herbs

I learnt how to treat my motion sickness because I always try to make the best use of all my time. And at a point in my life when I was traveling a lot by bus I wanted to be able to read and study on the bus. But the problem was I would get crazy nausea when I would read. So here is what I figured out works.

Number one best thing that I found was dry ginger candy. It has a very strong taste but it would do the job. The reason that for me the ginger candy was best was because I was traveling and I could just keep it in my bag.

But if you are at home you could make yourself a cup of ginger tea and that would work well also.

Mint is another great herb for treating nausea. You can make a tea or use one drop of mint essential oil in a cup of water or on a sugar cube to sort your stomach out.

So don't puke just yet. First try some ginger and mint and if they don't help, then you can go ahead and hurl.

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