Saturday, February 3, 2018

Fox Glove And Seal-Headed Men

What is he talking about?

Ok let me explain. 

I was thinking that I have not written in a while for this here blog and I really was racking my brain for something new to write about. 

So I thought to myself, there must an herb that is not commonly used that I have never written about. After studying and working with herbs for so many years there had to be at least one medicinal plant that I can think of which is out of the ordinary and that I didn’t write about yet. 

And foxglove “Digitalis Purpurea” is what came to mind. The reason I thought about it was because of its being mentioned in the book “The Mammoth Hunters” by Jean M. Auel. 

For those of you who don’t know the book it the third in a series known as the earths children. And its all about prehistoric man, its considered a historical fiction. 

I actually only read the first and third books of the series, but I really would like to get my hands on the rest of them and to read them as well. 

Anyway I had heard that she had really researched these books and even went to some of the archeological sights to make the historical parts of the book as real as possible. 

What does this all have to do with a seal-headed man you are asking?

I am getting to there, be patient just a bit longer. 

I wanted to read a little about Jeans research to see if I could find out some thing about how the prehistoric people used plant medicine, so of course I started searching the internet. 

But what I came across was the findings of the Cosquer Cave off the coast of France. I allow myself to say off the coast and not on the coast because the entrance to the cave is under more than 100 feet of ocean water. Inside of the cave are something like 177 pieces of prehistoric art. On of the things mentioned is a depiction of a seal-headed man. 

The seal-headed man thing makes me think about the idea that you can see all over the internet these days, which claims the we humans are a genetic combination of earthling and extra terrestrials. 

Not a topic that I was planning on ever getting into here but if you like it you are sure to find plenty to read online. 

Anyhow back to fox glove.

Digitalis I one of those plant medicines that have become a full blown western pharmaceutical for the treatment of certain hart problems.  

Because it is so powerful and possibly dangerous it is very rarely used today by herbalist. But still it goes to prove one of the points that I am always trying to make, plant medicine is not just some sort of folk remedy but a tried and tested science. 

A seal-headed man? Cool.