Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two great herbs every one should have at home

Chamomile- would be the number one herb but there is one problem with it and that is that there are, not many but there are people who are allergic to it so you need to keep that in mind. but it is a great herb with many uses. It is great for calming the nerves and helping with sleep. Chamomile tea can be drunk to help ease stomach aches and calm coughs. You can use Chamomile topically to help heal skin irritations and cuts. I just recently treated my son’s eye infection with no more than chamomile tea applied to the eye with a tissue (this was repeated many times for two days). I have read that it could help with pain for teething babies but I cannot attest to this myself. You can buy Chamomile tea at any super market and most people already have it in their house all they need to do is use it.
Mint- Either peppermint or spearmint they both have the same basic uses. My favorite herb for when I have an upset stomach. Also it is great to help invigorate the senses. Mint can also be used topically to slightly numb irritated skin and even muscular pain.

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