Saturday, March 9, 2019

Catnip Leaf - How It Is Used In Chinese Medicine

Catnip is one of the five herbs that I use most.

It is part of the formula used to make my winter herbal syrup.

From a Chinese medicine view point it is one of the herbs used to promote sweating and dispel wind heat.

This would make a lot of sense to all of us who know about Catnip`s ability to lower fever, as well as with runny nose and cough.

The functions and indications which I will get to shortly are the same as those traditional Western Herbalism (like myself) will recognize. But the additional aspects from the treatment prospective of Chinese herbal therapy will be very useful for those who treat using the five element philosophy.

A short introduction for the herb is appropriate.

Botanical Name - Nepeta cataria

Parts Used - leaf of the herb

Functions and Indications

Promotes sweating, dispels wind heat and reduces fever; promotes eruptions opens the sinuses and relieves pain.
external wind heat/cold: headache, sore throat, chills and/or feverishness, sneezing, unrest.

even though I did take two semesters in Chinese medicine I can not remember all the connection but from my experience with the herb this all sounds very logical. It is a very calming herb and I wonder if that would have to do with its ability to help calm a lot of headaches. Calming would also sound like an aspect of dispelling wind heat.

Head damp heat/cold: congested painful head and sinuses, nasal discharge.

The ability  Catnip to help with nasal discharge is one of the more important reasons I add it to my winter formula.

Circulates the Qi releases constraint and promotes rest

Qi constraint with nerve excess: emotional and mental tension, unrest.

intestines Qi constraint: abdominal pains, flatulence, indigestion

This again makes perfect sense because Catnip is known as a stomachtic herb and a carminative herb.

Reduces inflammation and benefits the skin - Catnip is known to be an anti-inflammatory.

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