Thursday, November 25, 2010

A bit on ecology and green thinking

I really think of myself and my wife as people who honestly care about the environmental and safe guarding the health of our ecosystems. But when I look at how much we consume and waste I just don`t feel that we are doing enough. We compost all our biodegradable garbage, we have a gray water system for all the water in the house beside for the toilet, we bring this big duffel bag to the supermarket so as not to use plastic bags, we recycle all of our plastic and glass bottles, we walk instead of drive whenever possible and we try to buy the most Eco-friendly products we can.
In contrast to all this we still drive a regular fossil fuel powered car, we buy all most all of our food items in plastic containers and wrappings, and we are not so conservative about the amount of electric we use in our house. I think that what bothers me the most is that we are so dependent on these things, plastic, and cars and electric. I don`t want to be a vegetarian and I never will be but because of the way that we eat meat in the western world, eating meat is also contributing to environmental problems. What is a person to do?

Here is a good link for more information to how you can do more to save our planet

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