Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to treat the common cold- tea, toast and steam inhalation.

In the last posts about treating winter ailments I said what herbs to use, here i will say how much of each herb and how it is best taken.

This is a basic herbal formula that could be taken by anyone and is very useful to strengthen the immune system and also regulate mucus in the lungs and respiratory tract.
1 teaspoon chamomile flowers
1 teaspoon elder flowers
1/2 tea spoon sage leaf (only if not pregnant or nursing)
1.5 cups of boiling hot water

Simply pour the water over the herbs in a large mug, add honey and cover with small plate or for 10 minutes. Drink once a day for prevention and two to three times a day when treating a cold.

I have mentioned in earlier the importance of raw garlic but not how to eat it. Toasted garlic bread is a great and simple solution to how to eat fresh garlic.
1 clove fresh garlic
1 teaspoon cold press olive oil
1 slice toasted rye or spelt bread

Simply crush the garlic, mix it with the olive oil and spread it on the toast. Eat the same as the tea. Once a day for prevention, two to three times a day for treatment.

Steam inhalation
Steam inhalation is a very powerful tool in treating respiratory related issues because it brings the therapeutic constituents directly to the lung in concentrated amounts.
Boil about two cups of water in a small pot.
Once the water starts to boil take it off the stove and place on a hot plate on a table top. If you have a tea warmer that you can put a tea light candle inside of that would be even better because it will keep the water hot and steaming for longer. Add five drops of Eucalyptus or Ravensara oil to the water. Put your head over the pot and place a towel or sheet over your head, stay far enough away so not to get burned and breathe deeply for at least five minutes. Repeat this at least once a day when sick.

I hope that this is helpful and clear please feel free to E-mail me any question you may have.


  1. I was under the impression that garlic must be eaten fresh and immediately upon crushing it in order to gain the benefits. I thought that cooking or baking it destroys the nutrients. No?
    What I usually do is rub a clove of garlic on a slice of toast (with butter it's even better) when I have a cold. When I use alot of fresh garlic my cold goes away much faster!

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