Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Healthy Digestion = Healthy Body

So now that it’s nice and cold outside (well at least in most parts of the northern hemisphere) and I have written a good few tips about keeping healthy in the cold weather, I feel the need to write on a different subject. I will tell where this need came from first. while I was working to keep my family healthy from the cold, mainly focusing on the respiratory tract, all my kids and myself and my wife got hit with a stomach virus of some sort. Well this just went to show me that you have to be ready for anything.
The digestive tract- what is it and how does it work
I love watching educational videos and I think this one is done well so I stuck it in for an intro into the digestive system.

So now if we do not digest and absorb and dispose of the food we eat properly then we either don`t get the essentially substances that we need to be healthy or we can be stuck with waste products from the food we eat lodged in our gut.
Water is really important for the digestive system, as it is for the whole body. Staying hydrated helps to keep us regular so that our bodies can get rid of the waste that we don`t need.
Not over eating is a really important habit that I myself am yet to get myself to abide by. Over eating creates great stress on our body. It can be damaging to your immediate and long term health.
Make sure to eat lots of fiber. Fiber even though it does not get absorbed into the body is very important for the maintenance of the digestive tract.
Don't eat when you are stressed. It’s funny because so many of us eat just because we are stressed but when we are stressed our digestive system is not working at its best so less food will actually get absorbed. Also stress can cause ulcers and other digestion problems, so try to relax, breath and meditate.
Pro-biotic bacteria like those found in yogurt and other fermented food is great for strengthening digestion.
Also digestive enzymes found in fresh fruits, vegetables and sprouts are very important for healthy digestion.
I hope this information helps you all to live a healthier life.

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