Monday, February 21, 2011

Energize your body, Conquer your world

In my opinion, I think everyone could use a little more energy. On second thought, I can think of some people that have a bit too much energy! But even those few with too much energy, still need to keep their bodies in the best shape possible in order so they don't burn out and do serious damage to their health. Whether you are in the category of "under energy" or "over energy" this information is pertinent to you!

Ok, I will make this short for those who want to know what they can do to get a bit more juice in their lives, but only have a few minutes to read.

In order for the body to have optimal energy it needs:

1) Clean lungs

2) Strong blood

3) Strong circulatory system

4) Key vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

I will only discuss here the physical elements for an energized body, while the emotional aspects of a fully energized body can't be ignored, they are not discussed here.

1) Clean lungs –personally, I love Chinese Medicine because they have a beautiful and almost poetic way of articulating commonly overlooked aspects of western science. Of course if you are going to talk about energy how can you not mention Chinese medicine which is based around the balanced flow of energy, which is referred to as qi.

From Yu Chang, The Statutes of Medicine (Yimen Fal├╝, 1658:

All bodily qi has its physical origin in the lung. If the lung's qi is clear and straightforward, then there is not a single type of qi in the body that will not obey and flow along smoothly. However, if the lung qi becomes obstructed and turns murky, then the qi dynamics of the entire body will start to go against their natural flow and start to move upwards instead of downwards

I believe one needs clean lungs for good energy; this is because oxygen is the thing that our cells need in order to most effectively create energy. You can strengthen your lung energy with deep breathing and cardiovascular exercise.

There are also herbs which are known as lung tonics such as Elderberry, Astragalus, Mullein Leaf, that help to keep the lungs healthy and functioning at their best.

2) Strong blood – in order for blood to be able to bring oxygen to all the cells of the body, it needs to have sufficient amounts of hemoglobin and iron. Iron is best absorbed from meat products, but can also be obtained through vegetable sources as well. Chlorophyll found in green leafy vegetables and green drinks and supplements, has a similar molecular structure to that of hemoglobin and is there for a powerful blood strengthener.

3) Strong circulatory system – once you have strong and well oxidized blood it needs to get to every cell in the body. This is so that the energy can be produced into effectively and this is the job of the circulatory system. The best way to keep the circulatory system strong is by regular cardiovascular exercise. In addition to this, Ginger root is a good circulatory tonic herb which can be drunk as tea, taken in pill or liquid form.

4) Vitamins minerals and enzymes – simply put- the fuel for our bodies is the carbohydrates that we eat( which for the most part all of us in western culture have plenty, if not too much of) and the oxygen that we breath is the combustion. But in order for this combustion to create energy you need the vitamins, minerals and enzymes to "light the fire". Most important of these "fire lighters" are the B complex vitamins which one gets from a wholesome diet. In addition to the B complex, a good quality multi vitamin with high concentrations of B vitamins can noticeably increase you energy levels.

In conclusion the right habits for extra energy to help you make the most out of your day are:

  1. Exercise
  2. Eat a balanced diet with lots of leafy green vegetables
  3. Take a good multi vitamin with high levels of B-complex vitamins
  4. Exercise


    I hope that this can help you to feel your absolute best


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