Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why Does My Knee Hurt – What Can I Do About It

So a few years ago I was starting to feel very slight irritation in my knees. I don’t even think I would call it pain because my knees didn’t hurt but I just felt that they were talking to me. I am very active, I walk and run a lot, I work in our garden, I carry heavy things and I like to build for a hobby. Back then someone had given me a bottle of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. I knew all about it and started to take it to strengthen my knee. If you are having any kind of joint pains you should take some Glucosamine Chondroitin formula. Any way after I took it for some time I stopped feeling my knees. I don’t swear that it worked or anything but what ever it was my knees stopped talking to me.

All was good up until last night. After moving a real heavy piece of machinery my right knee started to hurt. My knee didn’t hurt badly but there was some definite pain when I would walk up stairs. Now it’s about a one kilometer walk for me to work with very steep up and down hill parts. I was able to make the walk no problem but I did limp a bit along the way.
What did I do to help my knee out? I didn’t go out to buy more Glucosamine Chondroitin formula, but maybe I will do that some time in the near future. What I did do is stretch my knee out and let it hang. Now for the stretching I am going to put a video in here for you but you might want to know what I mean by hang my leg. It’s actually real simple we are always putting pressure on our knees but very rarely do we apply apposite pressure to the knee. What I mean is pressure that will gently open up the joint to allow the blood to circulate more freely and stretch out the ligaments that hold the knee in place. What I do is I sit side ways on a high surface like a window ledge or table top and just let one leg at a time hang down for five minutes. It feels real interesting.
I have never heard of the leg hanging technique before, it just seem logical, let me know if it helps you out. Just post a comment.

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