Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coenzyme Q10 – What Is It Good For and Does It Really Work

Coenzyme Q10 is the third to most purchased food supplement in the United States, coming in only after omega 3 and multivitamin supplements. There are many claims to the health benefits of Co Q10 and I always like to find the scientific proof to these claims. With Coenzyme Q10 that is not so difficult because the recommendation for Co Q10 are based on basic chemical reactions that happen in every cell of our body. Co Q10 is essential for the creation of ATP in the mitochondria of every cell. ATP is the readily available energy that the cell needs to complete any task needed.

Here is a list of how much Co Q10 different foods

"CoQ10 levels in selected foods. Food Co enzyme Q10 concentration [mg/kg], Beefheart113, liver 39–50, muscle 26–40, Pork heart 11.8–128.2, liver22.7–54.0, muscle 13.8–45.0, Chicken heart 116.2–132.2, Fish sardine 5–64, mackerel red flesh 43–67, white flesh 11–16, salmon 4–8, tuna 5, Oils- soybean 54–280, olive 4–160, grape seed 64–73, sunflower 4–15, rice bran/coconut Nutspeanuts27, walnuts 19, sesame seeds 18–23, pistachio nuts 20, hazelnuts 17, almond 5–14, Vegetables- parsley 8–26, broccoli 6–9, cauliflower 2–7, spinach up to 10, grape 6–7, Chinese cabbage 2–5, Fruit- avocado 10, black currant 3, strawberry 1, orange 1–2, grape fruit 1, apple 1"


You should take between 3-6 mg per day

Ok so now the question does it really work and for who?

So what does the research say?

For Athletes

This study showed that Co Q10 was not effective in improving performance.

Does exogenous coenzyme Q10 affect aerobic capacity in endurance athletes?

This study showed that Co Q10 was effective in reducing muscular injury.

Reducing exercise-induced muscular injury in kendo athletes with supplementation of coenzyme Q10

For Heart Disease

This study shows how beneficial Co Q10 can be.

Biochemical rationale and myocardial tissue data on the effective therapy of cardiomyopathy withcoenzyme Q10

All I could say is wow everyone who has had heart problems should take Coenzyme Q10.

Overview of the use of CoQ10 in cardiovascular disease

Migraine Headaches

Efficacy of coenzyme Q10 in migraine prophylaxis: a randomized controlled trial


CoQ10: could it have a role in cancer management?

Partial and complete regression of breast cancer in patients in relation to dosage of coenzyme Q10

Wow after reading all this research I am going to recommend Q10 to a lot of my clients.


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