Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Warning Cinnamon Causes constipation When Eaten in Excess

Well I think that as much as people say that it grosses them out to talk and think about problems related to defecating, everyone is interested to read about it. This is very natural because it is something that we all have in common.

So this is a bit of a story that has a very important lesson to be learnt from it. This past weekend friends who came to us for the weekend had brought for desert a cinnamon cake. Now this was no normal cinnamon cake, this was the best cinnamon cake I had ever eaten, really rich and tasty with lots of cinnamon. You know how sometimes you eat a cinnamon pastry and it's a bit week on that gooey cinnamon flavor. Well this was nothing like that I`ll tell you that much. So I indulged, ate a lot of this cake. Now the next morning things just were not flowing the way they usually do for me and I usually have a pretty good flow if you know what I mean. I figured it was be because I hadn't eaten enough fiber at dinner so at lunch I made sure to eat lots of salad. But we had another guest over for Saturday lunch that brought these really good cinnamon cookies. Low and behold my slight problem kept on through Sunday as well.

Now I use cinnamon a lot when treating diarrhea so it binding power is nothing new to me. But it wasn't until Sunday afternoon when I looked for something to satisfy my sweet tooth and saw what was left of the cinnamon cake sitting in the fridge that I realized the source of my problem. Well I didn't eat any more of the cinnamon goodies and by Monday it was business as usual.

Cinnamon is a great herbal remedy when used properly but in excess its binding capability can cause constipation.

If you are constipated or suffer from constipation regularly you should avoid all cinnamon products altogether.
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  1. it wouldn't be the cinnamon causing the constipation - as a medicine cinnamon actually increases bowel movement. it's the pastry, the wheat, the sugar and the starch of the cake...

    you should also use only true cinnamon 'cinnamomum verum', not zeylanicum or aromaticum.... those contain a high level of a toxic alkaloid which over time will create leaky gut or worse, breakdown of the intestinal tract.

    true cinnamon verum, ceylon cinnamon creates super health, weight loss, balances blood insulin levels and cleans the bowels... it's high in manganese, iron, calcium and kills candida/bacteria, yeast and molds from the system...


    1. Sorry, it's the cinnamon, not the flour etc. Or rather, I can only say it's the cinnamon with me - it may be different for other people, of course.

  2. Thanks 528 for the tip but I really think it was the cinnamon in this story. But I am going to look into the "true cinnamomum"

  3. I've been taking honey and cinnamon twice daily(heavy on the cinnamon) and have noticed a hardening of stools and problem going. It's the only thing that has changed in my diet, I'm pretty sure it's the cinnamon!

    1. Same here Kathleen. Barely more than a pinch of cinnamon a day I just started adding to my very strict diet and now I stay constipated.
      This morning I didn't use any cinnamon and I was able to go.

  4. Have to agree with the message of your story, and disagree with 528. Even tea with cinnamon causes problems for me. I am a very healthy eater. Different strokes for different folks I think.

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  6. Same here: cinnamon IS the culprit. 'As a medicine' it certainly does NOT increase bowel movement in my person, in fact on the very contrary. It causes pretty severe constipation, even in minute amounts (in homemade ginger-cinnamon tea for instance). Very shitty, so to speak, since I love cinnamon and would like to benefit from its many health-promoting properties. Unfortunately, I can't. Such is life.