Monday, December 19, 2011

Natural Home Remedies For Runny And Stuffed Nose

My last post was an explanation about why our noses run when we are in cold weather. The inspiration for that post was from my own personal experience that I was just starting to develop a runny nose myself. Now even with my regular treatment, that I will make available to you as I wrote by the first of January, I was still experiencing unpleasant congestion and runny nose.
Last night I went out with my wife (kids stayed home with a babysitter), and we had dinner close to the sea. The salt filled air cleared me up right away, I was amazed! Now I should not of been so surprised, I have used and suggested sea water drops for nasal congestion many times, it`s a well know remedy that is both natural and conventional. But after we got home my problem returned just as fast as it left. Before going to be I was feeling stuffed up and frustrated with it and then I remembered the salty air and figured I am going to try something new. I was to tiered to turn on a computer and start to see if there was any written formulas so I just put a bunch of sea salt in a ¼ cup of water used a disposable plastic straw, put my head back and dropped my home made sea water solution down my nostrils. There was some immediate relief but it took until after I brushed my teeth and got into bed that I felt good and cleared up. This morning before I left for work I used the same solution to rinse both nostrils and even though I still need to grab for a tissue every now and then I feel much clearer.
If you are going to try this make sure to use distilled water or boiled tap water after letting it cool.
Use ¼ of a tea spoon to one cup of water.
Best to use sea salt but regular table salt may work as well.

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