Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why Does Your Nose Run When It’s Cold Outside?

You can get a runny nose for many reasons. A runny nose isn’t a bad thing it’s actually one way you’re body prevents unwanted germs, dust and the like from getting inside of the lungs. The mucus that your nose creates does this by filtering the air that comes through. The whole inside of the respiratory system is coated with this stuff to help keep the body clean on the inside.
But why then when it`s cold outside does it go into overdrive and start to run live a river? Well the answer to that is actually really interesting. When it’s cold outside our body tries to warm up the air going into the lungs by sending extra blood to the blood vessels in the nose and this extra blood causes the production of extra mucus which then causes an increase in the sale of Kleenex tissues.
What Could You Do About It?
Blow your nose of course! But really, if your nose is only running when you are outside in the cold, than you don’t want to do much else. Drinking a hot cup of chamomile tea is a good first move for when you start getting a runny nose. If the runny nose continues even when you are in a warm environment for some time then you may want to try hot tea made with any of these herbs to help regulate your mucus discharge and fight any bacteria that may be the cause of the problem.
1- Chamomile
2- Elder flower
3- Linden flower
4- Catnip
5- Sage
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