Saturday, September 23, 2017

Treating dog bites with lavender oil.

Natural remedies for pets.

This is not about treating people who were bit by dogs, but treating dogs who were bit by other dogs. 

So this may be a really good bit of information for all of you dog owners.

Last week I got back to Israel from a short visit to States(it was an amazing trip, thinks for asking). Anyway I had bought a small bottle of lavender oil when I was there to treat some bat cracks on the bottom of my feet.

For those of you who don’t know lavender oil is great for all sorts of skin problems, its just super healing and soothing. 

This past weekend my sister in law was by us with her dog. She took her dog out for a walk on Friday night, and he was attacked by two of our neighbors dogs. 

Now this is never fun when your dog gets but by other dogs, but at least she was able to verify that the other dogs had all of their shots.  

So she runs into our house all upset that her dog got bit on the leg and is bleeding, she wants to know if there is an emergency vet in town, which there is not. 

At first all we see is a small puncture wound on the outside of one of his hind legs. 

So I say “hey no big deal, I will just put some hydrogen peroxide on it”.

So that’s what we do, and we all go to sleep.

In the morning she tells me we didn’t see but he has a deeper bite on the inside of his leg. Now the poor dog is really in pain and limping. So I figure hey lets try some lavender oil, it works great on people, why not on dogs. 

So she puts on his muzzle so he wont take a bite at my leg, and I dump a bunch of lavender oil on the bite. 

No joke, the stuff seemed to work magic. First of all its great, because the dog wont lick it off, and second it really just stopped the pain. He couldn’t tell us this but he started walking with out a limp and everything. 

So hey you should always have lavender oil around, and now you know it is great for your dog also. 

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