Saturday, September 2, 2017

Four Thieves Vinegar

I am pretty sure that I have written about this killer herbal formula before, but because I just But together a batch I decided to write up another one. 

When I say killer herbal formula, I mean it with full pun intended.

Not only because of its powerful anti-bacterial activities, but also because of the story about how it was discovered.  

As the story goes, these four guys were busted luting houses of the dead during the black plague. Now what surprised every one was that these thieves were not sick with the plague them selves, even though they were working in very contaminated conditions.  

It turned out that they were the sons of an herbalist who had taught them how to make a super anti-bacterial herbal vinegar, which had prevented them from getting sick. 

There are different variations to what was the exact formula, but what I was taught is that it contained four herbs.
•    Rosemary 
•    Sage
•    Thyme 
•    Lavender
Some of the variations also call for garlic.

As I have all ready mentioned I just put together a batch of this super anti microbial vinegar, and I did a bit on the fly because some one needed it to help treat a possible case of strep throat.

It is best to make the vinegar using dry herbs and apple cider vinegar, but I didn’t have those. So I used regular natural vinegar and mostly fresh herbs. 

Fresh picked rosemary and sage from my garden, fresh oregano and garlic from the supermarket, and some dry lavender that I had in the house. 

Also its best to let the herbs soak in the vinegar for a week or two before straining them out and using. 

But because I needed the remedy I put it all together and double boiled it for about a half an hour. 

In the end it came out dark and potent smelling, and I am sure that it will do the trick. 

Some times you just need to be resourceful.   

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