Thursday, January 11, 2018

Is It Healthier To Be A Vegetarian?

Is It Healthier To Be A Vegetarian?

So this has been a question that has come up many times when I am talking to people about healthy eating habits. 

The truth is that I truly believe that us humans are meant to be omnivores, meaning to eat both meat and plant foods. 

I do think that most people, especially in the western world, are eating to much meat and not enough plant foods. It could be that somewhere along the evolutionary line (you know if you believe in evolution) we started eating meat because of the lack of plant food during certain seasons.

The fact that the iron from red meat is better absorbed than that from vegetables is always a big point in my argument. But also the latest studies concerning omega 3. 

But as I was saying overall the western diet is unquestionably overdoing the meat thing. 

Anyway here is an article from Harvard medical school which brakes it all down very nicely. 

Of course you can draw your own opinion after reading it. 

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