Sunday, August 27, 2017

Alfalfa In Depth


Latin name: Medicago sativaL.

Uses: Rich in vitamins and minerals, helps with high cholesterol, anti cancer, Phytoestrogen.  

So I still cant think about alfalfa and not think about the kid alfalfa from that old TV show with his hair sticking up.

For the most part alfalfa is eaten as sprouted seeds. It can also be taken as none sprouted seeds and also pill form.

From the research that has been done alfalfa seems to have cholesterol lowering properties.

This seems to be the work of the saponins in the plant the which decrease intestinal absorption of cholesterol. 

Also the isoflavonoids coumestrol and gentistein have documented oestrogenic properties, making the Alfalfa an effective phytoestrogen.

From what I have read alfalfa is an over all very healthy herb because of high nutritional value. 

In addition there is some clinical proof that it could be effective for lowering cholesterol and treating certain problems of the female reproductive systems. 

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