Thursday, August 31, 2017

Rosemary – To Preserve The Body

Rosemary – To Preserve The Body

Back in the day before we had refrigerators and freezers to keep our meats fresh, people would use herbs to try and preserve meats for as long as they could. 

No question, this did not work as well as the freezer, but it helped. 

Rosemary was one of these preservative herbs, and its ability to keep things from spoiling has been proven to be true. 

Rosemary is packed with anti oxidants that protect the cells of our body. 

It has even been found to work almost as well as modern day chemical food preservatives. 

In addition to its anti-ageing capabilities, here is a list of what you can use rosemary for. 

•    Improve digestion and help stomach ache 
•    Help clear respiratory congestion 
•    Help to bring about menstruation 
•    Help to improve memory and concentration 
•    Relieve muscle pain

Most of these uses still don’t have very strong clinical proof.

But one interesting study showed that people who used rosemary regularly suffered les from thrombosis, which from what I understand is just a fancier word for blood clots. 

In laboratory tests rosemary was found to have anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, and even anti-cancer effects. 

Here is a link to a very interesting article showing a direct link between the use of rosemary essential oil and increased mental abilities.

This seems to be a very scientific article and shows that the traditional uses for rosemary are holding up to modern day pharmacological scrutiny.

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