Thursday, August 31, 2017

B-complex Energy Boost

B-complex Vitamins For Boosting Energy 

I have been taking B-complex vitamins to help boost my energy ever since I first learned about them while studying nutrition ten years ago.

I remember I would eat a whole carbohydrate food. Take a B-complex and wait twenty minutes. Then I would have a good strong cup of coffee. 

The reason for all of this process goes as follows.

B-complex vitamins don’t give you energy but they are needed for your body to make energy from carbohydrates. 

So think about the whole carb that I would eat first as the raw materials for creating energy. 

Then I would take the B-complex so that my cells would have everything they need to break down those carbs to make the energy.  

Now caffeine and B vitamins don’t go so good together. The caffeine can prevent proper absorption of the B vitamins into the body. 

This is why it is useless to pack energy drinks with B-complex; also I bet that these synthetic B vitamins don’t have the best absorption anyway.

But back to the way I first started using B-complex to get an energy boost.

So once I had my good carbs and my B vitamins all good and absorbed, then I would give my body the caffeine burst. 

Now if you want to give your self a longer lasting energy boost you could have a protein shake with free amino acids instead of the whole carb. 

But I guess I am going to write another post on protein shakes for that one. 

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