Thursday, August 31, 2017

Chamomile In Depth Review

Chamomile in depth review
The first thing one really needs to know about chamomile is that there are two kinds. The most common is German chamomile and the second kind is roman chamomile.

I am not going to talk about roman chamomile here simply because it is much less used. 

Chamomile is the most common of the six herbs in my magic winter formula. A lot of people really like the tea made from the flowers, I am not one of them. If it wasn’t for its therapeutic wonders I would never touch the stuff.

But that is just a matter of taste.

Therapeutic category – anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, carminative, antiseptic.

In addition chamomile is calming, helps to heal wounds, reduce pain and fever, and balance respiratory mucus. 

Dosage – 1 or two teaspoons made into a tea or 1-4 ml of a 1:1 tincture, three times a day. 

Active ingredients – essential oils, flavonoids and coumarins.

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Chamomile flowers 

Chamomile oil

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