Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Elder Flower and Elder Berries – Monograph

Common Name – Elder

Botanical Name – Sambucus Nigra

Parts Used – Fruits and Flowers

Active Constituents – Flavonoids, such as Quercetin and others

So what can elder be used for?

Elder flowers seem to have more therapeutic aspects then the Elder Berries.

Elder Flowers - stimulate and balance the immune system (meaning they can be used to help with infection and allergies), act as an anti-inflammatory, have anti bacterial properties and is considered to be a lung tonic.

Elder Berries – are good for all problems of the upper respiratory tract and contain anti-oxidants.

Sambucol is a elderberry extract that was discovered by an Israeli scientist. It has been found to be greatly effective against all kinds of flue and cold.
Note –fresh elderberries and elderberry juice is slightly toxic, but when cooked they are harmless.


Both flowers and berries are considered to be safe even for pregnant and lactating women


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