Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Healthy Tips For Using Stimulants 

Healthy Tips For Using Stimulants

Do you drink coffee in the morning?

Do you have a second cup in the afternoon?

Well I sure do, and because I understand that my body gets used to the caffeine in the coffee I also use those other gifts of nature to try and get more done in the day.

For most of us that are trying to do our best to get ahead in life, using one or more of natures boost plants is just part of the game. You cant make the day longer no matter how hard you try but you could sleep less and then have more time to get things done.

That’s the way that I look at it and probably you do as well or you wouldn’t still be reading this.

Yerba matte, tea in all of its wonderful colors, cola nut, and of course chocolate. All of these contain stimulating compounds which work like caffeine, but have a slightly different chemical make up.

Which could be my first healthy tip for using stimulants.

Tip number one: variation

I just went with this one as my first tip because really its not a health tip but a get better results tip.

What happens is we build up a tolerance to the coffee and then we try to just drink more of it. But how many cups of joe can you have in a day?

So instead we need to alternate our uppers or stimulants if you like in order to continue to get the best results.

It is important for me to mention that this sort of thing is very unhealthy if we don’t give our bod a time to recuperate.

The way to live this kind of jacked lifestyle is to make sure to take a cleansing vacation at least a few times a year and lay off the caffeine for a bit.

Tip number two: Drink lots of water

This can also go right along as a get better results tip but even more importantly for your health.

Drinking lots of water is super important for over all health at all times but even more so when using stimulants such as caffeine.

Because these substances also increase your kidney functions they cause an increased release of fluids from the body. If we are not carful to replenish our bodies water supply we run the risk of dehydration, and just think about how bad that could be for your productivity.

Also when we are properly hydrated everything in our body flows better.

Pun intended.

Our blood flows better, our absorption of nutrients is better, and its easier for our bodies to eliminate waste.

So drink up!

Tip number three: Protect the stomach

As I go through these it seems that they are all not just help tips, but also get better results tips.

Now these stimulants also increase the acid levels in the stomach so if you don’t have something in the stomach for the acids to brake up they could start to damage the stomach lining. This could end up causing stomach ulcers.

Once again not good for productivity.

When I first started studying nutrition I would use carbohydrates to get even more of a boost out of caffeine, now I have learnt that using proteins gives me a longer lasting and more balanced energy.

Eat healthy proteins such as nuts and seeds to protect your stomach and also provide even more energy for the body.

Tip number five: Take B-complex plus C vitamins

Now this is the super boost to go along with your coffee. B-complex vitamins and vitamin C are what helps the cells to produce energy.

By taking a solid B-complex plus C formula you can really boost your energy levels in a balanced and healthy way, together with some good old Joe.

Now these are my top four tips for using stimulants. Please let me make it clear that using too much stimulants is not good for your over all health.

To really have the most energy in your life you need to be healthy in all ways both mind and body.

And to be most productive you need to make sure to just get things done.

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