Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Vocabulary Of Herbal Effects On The Body

Adaptogen – herbs that improve the body ability to withstand both physically and emotional stress.
Alterative (Depurative) – herbs that help the body cleanse itself of waist materials.
Analgesic (anodyne) – herbs that reduce pain
Anthelmintic – herbs that treat intestinal parasites by preventing their reproduction and removing them from intestinal walls.
Anti-catarrhal – herbs the reduce mucus secretion
Anti-depressant – reduce feelings of depression by activating the central nervous system.
Anti-diarrhoel – herbs that stop diarrhea.
Anti-inflammatory – reduce inflammation.
Anti-microbial (bacteriostatic/antiseptic) – herbs which act against micro – organisms that cousin diseases.
Anti-spasmodic – herbs that decrease muscle contraction by either acting on the muscle or nerves and reduce pain and stress.
Anti-pyretic (febrifuge) – herbs that lower fever
Anti-viral – herbs that prevent reproduction of different viruses
Astringent – herbs that draw together and constrict body tissues. They are helpful in treating bleeding and diarrhea.
Bitters – bitter herbs cause secretion of digestion juices and increase appetite.
Carminative – reduce digestive gas.
Cholagogue – herbs that awaken proper flow of bile from the liver and gale bladder.
Choleretic – herbs that improve production and secretion of bile in the liver.
Demulcent – herbs rich in mucilage which can help sooth and protect irritated tissue.
Diaphoretic – herb that help cause the body to sweat.
Diuretic – herbs that increase urination.
Emmenagogue – herbs that help to regulate a women’s menstrual cycle.
Estrogenic – herbs containing phetoestrogen.
Expectorant (anti-tussive) – herbs which promote the extraction of mucus from the lungs.
Hypotensive – herbs which help to lower high blood pressure.
Immunostimulant – herbs that strengthen the immune system.
Laxative – herbs that cause diarrhea.
Nervine – herbs that strengthen the nervous system.
Sedative – herbs that calm the nervous system.
Vulnerary – herbs that help to heal wounds.

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