Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Understanding Alkaloids In Plant Medicine

So I have written in the past about the importance of understanding the chemistry behind plant medicines.

I really think that if we fully understand the workings of the body and how the phytochemicals in the plants effect them, plant medicine can be effective just as much as modern pharmaceuticals.

I have been really trying to study the chemistry behind plant medicines and to tell you the truth really enjoying it.

I have started to think I might go back to school to study biochemistry. But that will need to wait until I get this website up and running at 100%.

Any how here is what I have t say about Alkaloids.

Alkaloids are the largest category of secondary metabolites. The reason for this is very simple, any nitrogen containing compound that does not fall into another category is currently classified as an alkaloid.

Right along with this goes the fact that we can find alkaloids that effect all most every area of the body.

Alkaloids can be used by plants to deter animals from eating them and to store carbon for later use when needed by the plant.

Because of the size of the group there is no one best used solvent for alkaloids. Some are better dissolved in water some in alcohol and others oils.

Many alkaloids have a stimulating effect on the nervous system. The best know and widely used alkaloid is caffeine.

Many alkaloids have been researched in great depth and are now used in modern medicines but many we still know nothing about.

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