Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Herbal Remedies For Poor Appetite 

What herbs can be taken to improve appetite?
So before I start to get into the why and how here is a quick list for you to start with.
Artichoke leaf
Hops strobiles
Wild lettuce
Now the question of what is the cause and how do we approach poor appetite or anorexia. This can be caused by a large number of things such as stress and weak digestion but if this lasts for a long time, I would say more than a week You should see your doctor.
Now the way that herbs can help with a loss of appetite is by stimulating the digestive system. The four herbs I mentioned above are digestive and bitter herbs. You can start by simmering a tablespoon of each herb in two cups of water for a half hour and drinking one cup two times a day a half hour before meals. Also a good bitter formula can be taken a half hour before meals.
If you feel the problem is stress related try calming bitter herbs like Chamomile and yarrow.
Drinking a good cup of chai tea or ginger lemon and honey tea can be a nice and tasty way to improve appetite.

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