Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Herbal Remedies For Hangover

When you drink too much alcoholic beverages your body produces a lot of chemical by-products in addition to the alcohol which effect the entire body.
The most important thing to do when suffering through the aftermath of a long night out on the town is to make sure you drink lots of water.
Help your body cleanse from all that booze with detoxifying herbs like dandelion leaf and root, yellow dock root, chicory root and gentian root. If you are suffering from heart burn you can drink meadowsweet tea to help.
When drinking take milk thistle regularly.
Use ginseng root to regulate and balance your digestion and energy.
Herbal formula for hangover
Simmer one tablespoon of dandelion root and ginger root in three cups of water for twenty minutes and then add one tablespoon of dandelion leaf and meadowsweet herb and let steep for fifteen minutes. Let the tea cool and drink three cups a day.

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